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99.8 %

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About Solchem GmbH

Since 2015, Solchem has been active in the field of chemicals for electroless plating and conductive coatings. 

High quality, cost efficiencies and carbon footprint reduction are amongst our business principles. 

We give great importance to providing customers competitive solutions with products tailored to their needs. 


Our skills reside in designing, developing, enhancing and manufacturing electroless plating and conductive technologies for glass, plastic and other non-conductive substrates.


Our objectives are to supply and technically support users of such technologies globally.


We continue to invest in product and people development so to be acknowledged as a preferred provider of electroless plating and conductive  technologies worldwide.

Our products

Electroless plating chemicals for glass and various non-conductive substrates.

Optimisation of application techniques for electroless plating compounds.

Glass treatments for decorative and functional purposes.