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Solchem Technologies

Reflective Solutions

Through the past centuries, mirrors have evolved from smooth metal pieces to highly reflective glass or plastic surfaces. Over the past 3 decades, the mirroring processes also evolved dramatically using more efficient products to produce ecologically friendlier mirrors. We, at Solchem, offer a complete range of efficient products to transform your glass into a high-quality brilliant surface.

Decorative Solutions

From composite silver helmets or plastic cosmetic packaging to glass ornaments, Solchem decorative solutions are used in a wide range of applications. Friendly to use and cost competitive, Solchem decorative solutions include more than 200 products specifically designed to meet customer expectations. 

Conductive Solutions

Silver and copper are known as highly conductive metals. Solchem offers a wide range of silver and copper based products to transform a non-conductive surface into a highly conductive one. Spray or print processes, we may have a conductive solution for your use.

Functional Solutions

EMC shielding has been a fast-growing market over the past two decades. We foresee this trend to continue. From micro-surfaces to walls, silver and copper based functional solutions have proven to be cost effective technologies offering quality shielding. 

Polishing Solutions

A quality product often starts with a quality fundation. Much aware that glass polishing is one of the most critical steps to produce a quality mirror, Solchem is offering SOL273, a state-of-the-art polishing compound with exceptional dispersed stability and polishing uniformity.

Recycling Solutions

Closing the loop: Solchem offers recycling support to cost conscious and environmently friendly applicators.