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Dear Customer,

We are pleased to inform you that the SDS for most of Solchem‘s products are now available on- line. Not only these SDS represent the latest update for Solchem products, but such approach will also reduce the need for paperwork and will guarantee your access to the latest product information wherever you have web access available.

In order to access your SDS on-line, here below the procedure:

  1. Access the site
  2. Select „SDS“ in the upper right menu
  3. Once redirected to the „Solchem Extranet Customer Portal“, enter your business email address used for your initial SDS registration followed by your password provided in return to you by Solchem.
  4. In the search section of

enter the SOL product code for the searched SDS. Ex: SOL285

5. The SDS will then appear for the selected SOL product code. Various languages can be available: see suffix.

6. Click on the SDS logo so to display the SDS content on the right side of the screen.

7. Click on Download so to transfer to your computer the selected displayed SDS.

If you have not yet received your SDS ON-LINE access password, please email with your business email address and we will promptly send you your updated password.

If for any reason an SDS for a product you are presently purchasing is not yet included in Solchem‘s on-line SDS database, or another language is needed, please send an email to to request the missing documents to be placed on line. It will usually be available with maximum 2 business days.

SDS are subject to regular virus check and are deemed virus-free.

We hope you will value this new on-line SDS service. We will also appreciate your feedback so that we can continue to improve this business portal for your use.

Thank you and best regards,