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IN-04: Solchem commissions its new pilot mirror line

Eager to actively support customers various technical challenges and penetrate new markets, Solchem has completed a major investment in a new fully modular pilot mirror line offering new possibilities such as:

  • Developing and test alternate chemistries to enter new markets such as solar reflectors or exterior mirrors, as well as optimising present interior mirror technologies.
  • Testing various chemical processes such as copper or copper free mirrors as example.
  • Simulating industrial mirror line conditions and reproducing remotely mirror application processes.
  • Providing mirror producers quality and cost optimisation.

Figure 1: Overview of Solchem Pilot Mirror Line

Parameters such as line speeds, reaction times and temperatures, chemical flows and pressures can all be individually adjusted through one touch screen console. Each configuration becomes a potential production recipe with its own characteristics.

Figure 2: Main touch screen control module

Further, in addition to monitoring the quality of deposited metal layers, monitoring data such as pH, conductivity, temperature and pressure are all recorded for every step of application, as a mean to monitor quality and reproducibility.

Figure 3: Main data recording station

For testing, material use will be minimized, one of Solchem’s contributions to a more ecological business approach.

We welcome any inquiries related to mirror process optimisation and use of more efficient technologies. Feel free to contact us at

Alain DeBlandre – Managing Director