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IN-01: New Development in Mirror Glass Polishing

1. Background

For years, many mirror manufacturers have faced problems related to the fast settling of the slurry used to polish the glass before silvering. As a consequence, mirror manufacturers faced productivity downtime and/or poor polishing uniformity linked to pipe clogging.

2. Development and Results

Over the past 2 years, Solchem has tested various approaches to overcome the known problems associated with fast settling of aqueous polishing powder slurries. As a few pictures are often worth many words, let’s observe a comparison between four commercial polishing slurries compared to Solchem new development, SOL273 High Stability Premium Polishing Compound for Mirrors.

Here below a link connecting you to a video comparing SOL273 High Stability Premium Polishing Compound for Mirrors (bottle in the center) with four other popular polishing compounds. The dilutions are comparable to these being processed at the polishing section level.

The newly developed SOL273 is in the center position (3rd bottle) and the total filming time has been compacted from 2 hours to some 20 seconds.

(note: download can take up to 2 minutes – large size document)

Bottles 1, 2, 4 and 5 show fast and heavy settlements, as opposed to bottle 3 showing extreme stability after 2 hours. The RED dots show the various settling heights 30 minutes after the various have been at rest.

3. Cost and Performances

Concerned with customer’s competitiveness, the cost of Solchem’s SOL273 – HIGH STABILITY PREMIUM POLISHING COMPOUND FOR MIRRORS is comparable to traditional faster settling competitor’s polishing powders, this while offering noticeable superior performances such as high stability and easy brush cleaning. So, at the end, SOL273 equates to a superior performing product proposed at competitive prices and offering an easier process.

4. Conclusions

Should you be interested in testing a free sample, please contact Alexandra Jakob at 
For additional questions or technical information, please contact Alain DeBlandre at 

We now leave up to you and you associates to assess the benefits of using SOL273 High Stability Premium Polishing Compound for Mirrors.

Solchem … when Innovation Matters.

Alain DeBlandre – Managing Director